10 Essentials for the Woman Traveler in the City

Finally, your vacation getaway in the city is approaching. Your flight/bus/train ticket is booked, you chose the hotel, and already made a list of all the places and restaurants you plan to visit. Your suitcase is organized with your favorite outfits, bathroom accessories, and the book you’ve hadn’t the time to read until this vacation. All that’s left is to figure out which items you’ll need throughout the day between the shopping, museums, and restaurants.

As a city wanderer, you will probably go out in the morning and return to your hotel room only in the evening to freshen up before a party, a show, or a late-night drink. With that in mind, we recommend packing light and have everything you need on hand.

Here is a list of 10 essential products for the urban traveler

1. Backpack

Your backpack is your first aid kit. It must meet all these requirements to fit you:
– Supportive since you carry it on you all day long.
– Spacious since it contains all you need throughout the day.
– Chick and stylish.
– Must have adjustable straps to fit perfectly for you.
– Waterproof, and have inner and external pockets to keep it organized.

2. Sneakers

When you are on your feet all day, walking from one place to another, the shoes you wear become your BFF. If your shoes are not comfortable and sustainable, your feet can hurt, get blisters, and this can ruin your day. Choose a pair of sneakers that not just looks good, but are also water-resistant, have a good grip, and support your feet, and you can go miles in them without noticing they are there.

3. Foldable Raincoat

Be prepared so that no weather will interrupt your plans for the day, and even if it’s raining or a bit windy, you will be able to carry on your trip as scheduled. We recommend always keep a foldable rain and windproof coat. Choose one that not only matches your exquisite taste but is also foldable, lightweight, and suitable for any activity of your day.

4. Umbrella

If it’s raining, and you do not want to ruin your hairdo with your coat hood, you can always take out the compact umbrella you packed in advance. Your umbrella should be light, foldable, and suitable for any weather, even sustainable to winds that want to break its spirit and frame.

5. Hat

A sunny day is perfect for the city traveler. You can go on a walking tour, drink a cup of coffee in the park, and not worry about your wet shopping bags. But you also should keep your temperature chill and your skin safe. In that case, a foldable, light, UV protection hat can do the job. Make sure the hat you choose is adjustable, comfortable, and made out of breathable materials that will that can keep you ventilated.

6. Reusable Water Bottle

Make sure to keep yourself hydrated, especially when spending your day outside and hopping from one activity to another. That’s why you need to have a water bottle available in hand and might as well use a reusable eco-friendly flask. It keeps your water cold, BPA and plastic-free, easy to wash, save the environment, and is leakproof so you can be sure that the inside of your backpack is safe and dry throughout all your activities.

7. Portable Charger

Your smartphone is your best companion all the time, in particular when you are on a trip. You already took 100 pictures, navigated with google maps, called an Uber, and heard your favorite playlist when taking the train. To keep your phone going and not get stuck, God forbid, without a battery, carry with you a portable charger that allows you to charge your mobile devices anytime and anywhere without looking for an available plug socket.

8. Travel Bra Pouch

Been a woman has many advantages, wearing a bra can be one of them. Instead of the conventional money belts and neck wallets, you can use your daily wear to keep your money safe. You can attach a discrete pouch to your bra, so your valuables, such as money, credit cards, and IDs, are safe. Pick an adjustable bra pouch made of breathable materials that would not irritate your skin, as well as one that is easily washable after a long full day on the go.

9. Toilet Seat Covers

Sometimes nature calls but the nearest toilet is not in the best condition. Noting should not be stopping you from relieving yourself in ease and comfort. For this reason, toilet seat covers were invented! So keep a travel pack in your bag for any case. They are not taking much space, are easy to use, fit to any toilet seat covers, and when done, you flush them down the toilet.

10. Pepper Spray

This one is the last on this list, but it might be the most important item.
Unfortunately, the world is not yet safe for everyone, and there could be a scenario where you need to protect yourself. In cases like these, be prepared with defense equipment that will make you feel safe no matter what happens. A pepper spray keychain is an easy device to use, and you can attach it to your bag, keys, or wallet for quick access.