10 Must See & Do in Chicago

1. Discover Chicago Architecture

Called “The cornerstone of modern architecture”, Chicago is famous for its uniquely American architectural style.

“The Loop”, is the area encircled by the elevated ‘L’ train tracks, has the largest area of interesting skyscrapers.

You can either stroll the streets or take a boat tour.
Follow WWP Chicago highlights itinerary for more ideas to enjoy the city’s architecture.

2. Eat Chicago Pizza

Deep-Dish Chicago pizza is a combination of pizza and a pie. Baked in a thick steel pan for almost an hour, filled with cheese and other staffing. The waiting time is worth it.

3. Wicker Park

Chicago is famous for its skyscrapers’ magnificent architecture located mainly in downtown Chicago.
However, there are other unique neighborhoods that worth a visit, one of them is Wicker Park.

An artsy and bohemian neighborhood, has lots of local dinning, bars cool stores and special local boutiques.
Take one of the elevated L trains from downtown or spend the night in a nice hotel in Wicker Park area.

4. Visit Jane Addams Hull-House Museum

A chance to visit one of the few reserved settlement houses left in the US.

The Hull house operated in Chicago from 1889 till ~1960 as a supportive community to immigrants from Europe, founded and managed by Ellen Gates Starr and the social activist and award Nobel Peace Prize, Jane Addams.

The museum presents the history and the community life at Hull House as well as the life and legacy of Jane Addams.
For more information check out this page.

5. Admire the Chicago Skyline

A great way to admire the city’s skyline is from one of the tallest buildings in the city – the glass box on the 104th floor of Willis Tower (which was, till 1998, the tallest building in the world), or from 360 Chicago Observatory Deck (used to be called the Hancock tower).

6. The Millennium Park and the Cloud Gate

One of the city’s icons is the Cloud Gate, also known as ‘The Bean’ due to its shape.
Created by artist Sir Anish Kapoor, the sculptor is made up of 168 stainless steel plates welded together without any mark and weighs ~100 tons.

Many visitors arriving every year to enjoy this art piece and take their picture with the city’s skyscrapers reflecting on the Bean.

7. Grant Park

This large urban park located at downtown Chicago on the shore of Lake Michigan.

The park contains gardens, sports facilities, performance venues and art installations, among them is “Agora” by the polish artist Magdalena Abakanowicz and the famous Buckingham Fountain.

The Fountain was a gift to city from Kate Sturges Buckingham, built in 1927, and is still one of the largest fountains in the world (on May through October it operates on the hour for 20 minutes of water, light, and music show, between 9am-10:30pm).

8. Art is everywhere in Chicago

Enjoy many outdoor exhibitions, in the streets, squares and parks.
Check out WWP’s full list in here.

9. Shop until you drop!

State St, few blocks from the Millennium Park offers lots of brands and stores as well as nice coffee shops and restaurants. Do not miss entering the Macy’s department store on State Street, located inside a neo-Renaissance-style building. Enjoy a glimpse of the breathtaking Tiffany Ceiling from the first to the fifth floor, and check the clocks on its street corners.

The Magnificent Mile, a wide street with many up-scale fashion shops.
Not too far from it by the lake is Navy Pier, where one can find shops, restaurants, tours, public art, and more.
One of the interesting and bubbling markets is the Randolph Street Market Festival. A monthly event during the last weekend of the month, celebrating design, fashion, art, antiques and combinations of them all.

10. Watch Sport Games

Sport is a big deal in Chicago, with two professional women sport teams- Chicago Sky, plays basketball at the NBA league and the Chicago Red Stars plays at the Women’s Soccer League.

Other famous teams of Chicago are – Chicago Bears (Football), Chicago Cubs (Baseball), Chicago Bulls (Basketball), Chicago White Sox (Baseball), and Chicago Blackhawks (Ice hockey).
Attend a game at the stadium or just experience the joy and the sportive electric atmosphere at the streets when people are celebrating their team victory.