About The Project

How WWP was Born

While traveling around, whether on a day-to-day walk or on vacation far from home, we learn the hidden stories the landscapes tell us. We absorb the place’s rich narratives through street names, sculptures, parks, museums, institutions, and other ways of honoring the people who built and shaped it.

Several years ago, while traveling, we noticed that in almost every place we visited, mainly men’s legacy was represented; women’s story, herstory, was hardly shown; their legacy, creation, work, and heritage were not out there. We looked for a platform that puts the spotlight on women’s contributions everywhere. A tool that will narrow the knowledge gap of the legacy of women and increase representation, and spread awareness of the role women had in shaping the places where we live and travel.

When we could not find one, we created the Wander Women Project.


What is the Wander Women Project

Wander Women Project (WWP) is a website-based platform and community that acts according to the legacy of Abigail Adams’ plea to “Remember the Ladies.”

The platform has all the information you need to spice up your travel and wander all-around places where you will discover inspiring places that commemorate women, were founded by women, and tours that honor and celebrate women’s achievements and impacts. We also include places where women share their creations, such as restaurants, bakeries, theaters, unique stores, and other great locations.

By marking actions, creations, arts, and all aspects of women’s contributions, we not only enable forgotten women to reclaim their place in history, a physical place but also support and empower women’s doing in the present.

The Vision of the Project

We invite you all to join our journey of purposeful travel, the desire for new adventures, and uncover the inspiring heritage of a remarkable worldwide female dynasty.

May this platform continue to inspire and gather a community of wander women worldwide, which honor, reveal, and share the stories and legacy of prominent wonder women.

Our Story

We are Anat and Yael, sisters by heart and blood, co-founders of the project. Along the way, passionate and professional collaborators who share our curiosity about women’s legacy have joined us.

Anat and Yael, co-founders of WWP

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