About The Project

How WWP was Born

While traveling around, whether if it’s a day-by-day walk or while on vacation far from home, the landscapes tell a story, and we learn the place’s narratives. Through street names, sculptures, parks, museums, institutions, and other ways of honoring the people who built the place and shaped its history.

What is most noticeable is that everywhere around, it is mainly the men’s legacy that is represented. The women’s story, herstory, is hardly shown, their legacy, creation, work, and heritage, are not out there.


When exploring deeper, diving into the details, researching for information, we found amazing stories about brave, smart, and inspiring women, in the past and nowadays. They have made an extraordinary impact and contributed to our world and society in all aspects. So where is it? Where can people find it and get inspired by it?


While we searched for this point of view in the maps, we haven’t found a source that gathers the information, then we decided to create one, and that triggered the Wander Women Project.

Our idea was born from the need for a platform that puts the spotlights on the women’s contribution everywhere. A tool that will narrow the gap between knowledge of the legacy of women and its poor presence in places, a tool that can be used to learn of the role women had in shaping the places where we live and travel.


Maps, as a metaphorical agent and as a visual tool, show the discrimination, literally, and so a fresh perspective is needed. Filling the blanks and finding the missing pieces of the world’s puzzle will complete the map, the story, with both male and female legacies reflected in space and awareness, today and for the next generations.



What is the Wander Women Project

A website-based platform and community that acts according to the legacy of Abigail Addams to “Remember the Ladies”.


The technology of the modern age and the worldwide connections that can be made by an instant enables to correct the injustice done for women’s legacy representation in the public space. With this tool, we wish to change the status and act for equality by highlighting the landmarks of women and to mark the revelations of women’s heritage, where they lived, worked, performed, founded, created, etc.


By rewriting the maps from the point of view of the contribution of women to society, we wish to add the value of a new angle to common travel information. Addition of experiences, knowledge, and fun, to new destinations as well as rediscovering familiar places, is what we believe to be the best way to learn about the legacy of women.


We invite everyone to wander all around using maps marked with women’s stories, places that commemorate women, places founded by women, events about women, and tours that honor and celebrate women’s achievements and doing. We aim to empower women’s doing, in the past, but also the present, and so we also mark women acting today, and places where they share their creations, such as restaurants, bakeries, theaters, unique stores, and other cool and fun locations to combine in your travel plans.


The Vision of the Project

May this platform will inspire and generate a community of wander women all around the world, to honor, reveal, and share the stories and legacies of important, amazing, truly wonder women.


We hope to give the forgotten women a voice, but not just to tell their story, but to reclaim their place in history, an actual place, and to mark actions, creations, arts, and all aspects of their contribution which help to shape the world as it is.


We invite all, women and men, to join together, following the passion for traveling, the desire for new adventures, and expose the inspiring heritage of a remarkable worldwide female dynasty.


Our Story

Anat and Yael, sisters by heart and blood, co-founders of the project. Along the way we were joined by passionate and professional collaborators who share our curiosity about women’s legacy.

Anat and Yael, co-founders of WWP