Be Part and Support the Wander Women Project

The primary goal of the project is to add a valuable alternative angle to the growing culture of travel, and to raise awareness about women’s heritage, enhancing their contribution throughout history while having fun traveling and honoring their legacy when visiting places related to them. Our vision is to expand the activity and mark women’s landmarks in many more areas all around the world.

We are constantly developing and improving the website, working on adding extra features to create personalized maps, synchronization to calendars, and more.
Most of our team is currently working on a full-time volunteering basis, making our efforts to put our qualifications, time, energy, and talent into our project.
Your help will assist to expand resources and funding to deepen and broaden the research, gather information, and improve the technology.

If you too believe, that the women’s place in history should be presented in the public space, if you are inspired by our vision and excited about our project, we hope you can contribute to its growth and success.

Here are ways you can contribute:

– Read the content we publish and comment on your thoughts. Rate the content by marking 1-5 starts. We appreciate your feedback and will use it to improve. Click here to contact us.
– Spread the word among your friends and family. Tell everyone you know about the project, offer to travel with it and get to know the inspiring women’s stories everywhere.
– Suggest new ideas, amazing women you know and would like to see on our website. Click here to contact us.
– Subscribe to our newsletter, so you won’t miss any newly published content. Click here to subscribe.
– Share the content you liked in your Social Media profiles.
– Engage, join and follow us on: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter.
– Buy one of WWP shirts, for you or as a gift. By wearing the messages, you are helping to spread the agenda. Feast your eyes for designs on our shop.
– Donate a one time gift or a monthly amount (every cent counts). We hope to see your name on our Donors Wall.

Together we can make a difference – Thank you!

WWP team.

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