Black Women’s July in Brazil

The hundreds of years of colonialism and slavery caused a long-lasting impact on Brazil’s cultural heritage; to this day, Afro-descendant people are the most marginalized, discriminated against, and penalized population in the country. The situation is even worse for black women, who also have to fight violence, sexual abuse, and social oppression because of their gender.

In 2013, Odara- The Black Women’s Institute, a black feminist organization, established Julho das Pretas (The Black Women’s July). Their ongoing mission is to retrieve the history of black Brazilian women, honor their contribution to society, and strengthen the individual and collective political power of black women in the different spheres of Brazilian society, including health, education, housing, employment, and income.

During Black Women’s July, over 200 black women’s organizations in 18 Brazilian states organize demonstrations, conferences, and debates, forming strategies to overcome gender and race inequalities, fight racism, sexism, and LGBTIQ phobia, and elevate black women’s political agenda. The height of the event is the International Day of Afro-Latin American, Afro-Caribbean, and Diaspora Women, celebrated annually on July 25th. Join the cause by participating in one of the events held during the month, donate to the cause, and spread the word on social media using #JulhoDasPretas.


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