Celebrate Women’s History Month, March

Wander Women Project celebrates women’s achievements and creations every day. Still, we also cherish the national recognition of March as the official month to honor the ladies, especially International Women’s Day on March 8th.

Due to the special circumstances in 2021, as the world is fighting to end the covid-19 pandemic, celebrations are a bit different than usual. Hereinafter is a list of ideas to celebrate safely, in a “covid style.”

Read & Learn

The International Women’s Day evolved over eleven decades before the UN declared it as an official day. In recent years it serves both as a celebration of female achievements and a call to action for further gender equality. Read the full story of its development at this link.

Use the time at home to get inspired by pioneer women and read their HerStory on our website. You can filter to view women who acted in different fields as science, sport, art, politics, literature, and more. You can focus on African-American or Latina women, learn about the notable women who shaped the area close to you, or explore stories in different areas around the US.

Other than March, throughout the year, there are some special days dedicated to specific women, such as Rosa Parks Day, Susan B Anthony Day, National Black Women’s Equal Pay Day, and others. We gathered the dates, locations, and information for you here.

Attend Online Events

Interesting lectures, exciting interviews, fascinating panels, music shows, virtual guided tours, and much more are offered to celebrate this special month dedicated to women. Take advantage of the circumstances and get together with an audience from all over the globe meeting online. Check out our online calendar to choose from hundreds of beautiful events:
WWP Events Calendar.

Visit Women’s Landmarks

There are almost 500 outdoor statues, museums, galleries, archives, and community centers about women in the US. For now, we were able to list nearly 200 of them, and at least one in every state. Use the filter bar to discover a place close to your home, take a virtual visit on others, or explore and make a list of the places waiting for your next visit once you travel again. We describe the landmark, tell the story of the women related to it, and invite you to get inspired by the ladies who shaped our society and are commemorated in the public space. Click here to view the WWP Women’s Landmarks Directory.

Eat at Women-Owned Restaurants

Support women-owned businesses this month and pay a visit to some of the best restaurants owned or led by women. Traditional, modern, and gourmet cuisines, great neighborhood pizzerias, extravagant bakeries, or vegan restaurants – all are made and managed by women:

Join Guided Tours

Explore specific areas by joining a guided tour, in person or on online, via Zoom, video, or audio.
Another option is self-guided tours that will walk you through women’s heritage trails in the United States.
Click to browse the Tours section to find all the options of fascinating tours about/by women.

We also publish pre-made itineraries to follow women’s legacy and creations in various fields, such as #MadeByWomen murals and street art, girlfriend getaways options, and more.
An example of a fun, free, educational and safe activity is by following the map to find old fire call boxes where several notable women are commemorated in downtown DC.

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