Commemoration of Women’s Contribution in the Public Sphere of WDC

Female Presence in the City

Women have lived in the city and shaped it ever since it was built. However, while wandering around the city it is not so easy to see their presence. Related to men, for example, there are only a few statues of real women around the city. Among the ones that do have representation in the streets you can find Eleanor Roosevelt, Joan of Arc, St. Bernadette, Mary Mcleod Bethune, Crown Princess Martha of Norway, Saint Mother Théodore Guérin, Olive Risley Seward, Haida Gwaii, Jane A. Delano and Queen Isabella of Spain. In addition, there are three memorials dedicated to women in the DC area: Nuns of the Battlefield, DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) Founders Statue, and the Vietnam Women’s Memorial, which was also designed by a woman.

DC has 29 traffic circles. 20 of them are named after men, 7 are named after locations, and only 2 are named after women. We could not find a full list of streets named after women to compare it vs men, but we guess you can imagine what will be the percentage.
We invite you to search through our map to see the information we gathered about the legacy of women in the area you are wandering. Click here to learn about some of the women who left a mark of WDC history.

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