Go Topless Day, the yearly nearest Sunday to August 26th

While in most places men can go shirtless wherever and whenever they want, in many states in the US, women who are caught topless in public will be arrested and fined. Topless equality is another aspect of gender equality, and as long as men have the fundamental right to choose if they want to put a shirt on, women should have the same right. In addition to this discrimination between the genders, topless equality is pivotal for social change regarding body image issues, objectification, and rape culture.

Go Topless Day is celebrated annually on Sunday nearest August 26 – Women’s Equality Day. The date is a symbol of the fact that women are still not fully equal to men.

The day was initiated by Go Topless, an organization that led the Raelian Movement, following the arrest of a topless activist in NYC in 2005.

Since its first celebration in 2008, Go Topless Day became a national phenomenon.
On this day, bare-chested women and men gather in various events and parades to protest the inequality in the law and demand their right to be topless in public. Supporting men are encouraged to cover their chests with bras and bikini tops.


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