Gold Star Mother’s and Family Day, the last Sunday of September

Gold Star Mother’s and Family Day is observed every year on the last Sunday of September. This day is dedicated to honoring and recognizing the families who have lost a son or daughter during military service, a reminder of the private loss of mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters for the national cause.

Gold Star Mother’s and Family Day was initiated by the American Gold Star Mothers, Inc. A nonprofit organization of mothers who lost a child during the service with the US Armed Forces. The organization was established in 1928 to support and assist the Gold Star families and injured veterans. The name Gold Star was originated from a custom of military families to put on their window a service flag. Every star on the service flag represented a family member who served in the line of duty – a blue star for the living and a gold star for the deceased.

On June 23rd, 1936, it became official when the US Congress declared that the last Sunday in September would be designated as “Gold Star Mother’s Day” and proclaimed annually by each president. In 2016, President Barak Obama declared that the day would be known as “Gold Star Mother’s and Family’s Day.”

On the day, Government buildings display the USA flag. Organizations throughout the country are honoring the Gold Star families with ceremonies and luncheons. The American Gold Star Mothers, Inc. is holding local, state, and national events, such as flower wreath-laying services and memorials at military monuments sights, veterans cemeteries, as well as Gold Star Mother’s statues. To commemorate the day, you can attend one of the various events or organize a ceremony for your community. You can support the members of the gold star families and share their stories on social media using #GoldStarMothersDay.


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