Important Events and Dates Related to Women in San Francisco

In 1914 and 1915, the black leftist Lucy Parsons led to mass demonstrations of homeless and unemployed people in San Francisco and Chicago.

In 1936, Mona’s 440 Club, the city’s first lesbian bar was opened. It had closed in the early 1960s.

On April 14, 1996, over 30,000 women and men gathered in San Francisco to Fight the Radical Right.

In 1998, the Department on the Status of Women was founded in San Francisco. The department’s primary focuses are women’s human rights, violence against women, and women in the workplace.

Since 2002, Adrienne M. Anderson established the International Black Women’s Film Festival SF.

Between February 11th and March 11th in 2004, the mayor of SF approved the registration of same-sex marriage. The Supreme Court of California canceled these licenses after a few months of struggle in court. Four years later, on June 16, 2008, the marriage of same-sex couples was legally approved in CA.

In 2016 The Women’s Nude Parade took place in the Bay area, to fight against slut shaming.

In 2018 SF Supervisors passed legislation to increase women’s representation in public art, requiring that women are depicted in at least 30 percent of the city-sponsored artwork contains non-fictional people.

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