Important Events and Dates Related to Women in WDC

Important Events and Dates Related to Women that Happened in this City

The city is also a stage for major protests of the people, from all over the country.
In 1913, the first large parade was the suffragists parade. Women from all over the country came to protest for the women right to vote. They marched from the Capitol to the department of treasury. Later they protested in front of The White House till the 19th amendment was approved in 1920. Moving their struggle to the public sphere, out to the streets, changed things and we invite you to read more about the suffragists’ story in this article.

You might also enjoy a guided tour to experience this historical milestone and walk the streets following their paths. Click here to get all the information needed.
On April 25, 2004, 1.15 million women, men, girls and boys marched to protect and advance abortion rights, birth control and access to a full range of reproductive health care options.
July 9, 1978, Biggest-ever march for the Equal Rights Amendment. Over 100,000 people wore purple, white, and gold calling for an extension to the deadline for ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment.

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