International Harry Potter Day in the UK, May 2nd

Every year on May 2nd, all Potterheads reunite to celebrate all things within the wizarding universe, honor the British author, J.K Rowling and appreciate the magnificent magical literary world she created with the Harry Potter book series.
According to the original timeline, on May 2nd, 1988, the Battle of Hogwarts took place, in which the Order of the Phoenix showed their superiority and defeated Lord Voldemort forever.

Prime Minister David Cameron proclaimed International Harry Potter Day an official holiday in the UK in 2012 to commemorate and honor J.K Rowling’s work, credit her contribution to society, and get inspired by Harry Potter and his team’s courage.

You can celebrate the day by:

  • Rereading the books
  • Watching the Harry Potter films
  • Organizing a Harry Potter trivia night
  • Participating in one of the pub quizzes in your neighborhood
  • Exploring the Harry Potter at Home website
  • Checking to which Hogwarts House you belong at Wizarding World
  • Visiting one of the Harry Potter Theme Parks
  • Watching the play
  • Sharing your love for the book and the characters on social media using #internationalharrypotterday


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