International Women’s Collaboration Brew Day, March 8th

Since ancient history, women have been preparing alcoholic beverages and brewing beer for their families or businesses, selling their brewery at taverns and markets. As the industry grew and the demand for good beer increased, men began to take over the trade, new rules limited the number of beer women could sell, and brewing became a male-dominated industry. Even in the modern days of the 21st century, women in the beer manufacturing business are facing sexism, discrimination, and gender bias.

International Women’s Collaboration Brew Day is celebrated annually on March 8, the same day as International Women’s Day, as part of its festivities. Its goal is to empower women brewers around the world, raise awareness of the women in the brewing industry and normalize the notion that there are women brewmasters. The day also provides an opportunity to bring together the women in the industry and create a global network and collaborations with and for women brewers.

Picture of The Beer Baroness Society Executives from North Bay, Ontario, Canada. Photo credit – Gateway City Brewery.

The day was initiated in 2013 by Sophie de Ronde, who suggested the idea to the Pink Boots Society – a non-profit organization that unites and assists women in the fermented and alcoholic beverage industry professionals. In the following year, the first International Women’s Collaboration Brew Day was celebrated under the slogan “Unite Brew.”

Every year, a different brewery hosts the official event, where women brewers from across the world get together to produce a beer under that year’s theme. You don’t have to get out of the country to celebrate the day; instead, you can organize a party and serve only women-made beers, encourage your local bar to promote the day and post your favorite women-owned brewery on social media using #UniteBrew.


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