#MadeByWomen Murals in Queens, NYC

One of the most beautiful outdoor art galleries of New York City is in Queens, and we are thankful for the Welling Court Project (founded by Georgina and Jonathan Ellis), who created this community beautification project and operating it since 2009.
There are lots of female muralists who are showcasing their work on the walls. This article highlights ten art pieces.

Eat and Drink at Astoria Provisions, a chic brunch restaurant, offering breakfast all day and American dishes for lunch. Founded and managed by Astoria native, Jessica King Parlatore.

Nearby are Two Coves Community garden and Socrates Sculpture Park, an urban green space with permanent and rotating sculptures and river views.

Getting there:
Ferry – The Astoria Ferry Terminal is a few minutes away.
Subway – 30Av N Line is 12 minutes walk.

“Woman Speak Up,” by SaraErenthalArt

Sara Erenthal left her Orthodox Jewish life at 17 and started to create art and travel the world. Her unique art style, sometimes provocative, can be seen in predicted places like outdoor and indoor galleries and in unpredicted places like painted on a cover on a mattress in the middle of the street or on a cupboard in the dumpster. Her work themes focus on displacement, survival, and liberation.
She created this mural in 2019.

“Zoe & Chloe Mural,” by Caryncast

Caryn cast is an illustrator, painter, and chalk artist who works mainly in NYC but has exhibitions in Nashville and Providence. Her art can be seen on the walls of the streets as well as in restaurants, hotels, and indoor galleries. Many of her works include paintings of animals in human situations.

Mural by toofly_nyc

Maria “Toofly” Castillo is an Ecuadorian artist, designer, and social entrepreneur who started tagging and working in NYC since her arrival to Queens when she was a teenager in the early ’90s. She was one of the first females street artists to operate in this male-dominated world at that time.

Since then, she has been exhibiting in indoor and outdoor galleries all over the world.
Her active role in the hip-hop community and the evolving and spontaneous public art world continues to inspire her art.

“You Are Not Alone,” by dirtybandits

This mural was created by Annica Lydenberg’s design studio. In 2003, the studio began as a T-shirt company and web design firm. Over time, the fatigue from the digital world and Lydenberg’s interests in typography evolved it to specialize in digital and analog design, illustration, and typography.

Mural by JCorp

Justine Wong, AKA JCorp, is a pop culture visual artist who resides in NYC. Her Hong Kong roots and growing up in America inspired her unique art style. She exhibits her work in outdoor and indoor galleries, paints for magazines, and sells her art on different merchandise. She even designed a beer label.

“Stormé DeLarverie,” by daniellebknyc

Danielle Mastrion is a painter and muralist since 2012, traveling and painting in festivals and local mural projects all around the world and her home base, NYC. Her work raises issues of social justice, specifically Women’s rights & youth education. In this colorful mural, painted for 2021 pride month, Mastrion featured Stormé DeLarverie, a lesbian singer, performer, and one of the leaders of the gay liberation movement and the Stonewall Inn riots.

“Ru Paul,” by LexiBellaArt

Lexi Bella’s murals are displayed in almost every large outdoor art gallery in NYC and other large cities in the US and Europe. Bella is famous for her colorful paintings of people, mainly women.
This mural features RuPaul Andre Charles, AKA RuPaul (b. 1960), one of the most successful drag queens in the US, a performer and a media icon who hosted and produced the RuPaul’s Drag Race for 13 seasons and received 8 Primetime Emmy Awards for that.

Mural by shiro_one

Shiro is a Japanese artist who worked as a nurse in Japan in her twenties. Assisting people close to death made her realize that life is short. So she left Japan to travel the world and leaving her art in every place she visited (20 countries and still counting). The work combines her character, “Mimi,” with a message written in a classical NYC graffiti style.

Mural by Katie Reidy

Katie Reidy has been an NYC-based artist since the day she was born. Besides being a graffiti artist, street art muralist, and illustrator, she also loves to teach the ‘Urban Illustration’ class she created and enjoys putting her design on cloths, hats, and even skateboards.

“Marsha P Johnson,” by Lena Mccarthy

A colorful mural of Marsha P Johnson (1945-1992), an LGBTQ activist and one of the most active figures of the Stonewall riots of 1969, which sparked the gay liberation movement. The artist Lena Mccarthy studied at the Fine Arts at Boston University but decided to paint and exhibit her art in outdoor galleries around the world, giving the public the gift of art.
She created this mural with Caleb Neelon.

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