National Daughters Day, September 25th

The mother-daughter relationship is one of the most significant and complicated in our society. This was studied, researched, analyzed, and thought of in many disciplines and angles – psychological, cultural, emotional, and many more. Up until today, it is a special relationship.

The unique bond of daughters with their father is also cherished these days, and it is often the strongest relationship in the family.

However, that was not always this way, and back in the days, since society considered females inferior to males, having a daughter and not a son could have hurt a family’s status.

The patriarchal society rules dictated that only sons could inherit the family fortune and assets, and daughters were raised to be in charge of housekeeping and aspire to be well married.

Even now, around the world, mainly in traditional societies, girls do not get the same education as their brothers, and a large percentage of them stay illiterate for the rest of their lives. In such places, having a daughter can even be considered a burden.

This gender discrimination was the initial reason for creating National Daughters Day, celebrated annually on September 25th in the United States.

The National Daughters Day aims to show our daughters the unconditional love they deserve and dedicate a special day to spend quality time together.

To celebrate the day, all you need is to pay extra attention to your daughter. Take her on a date, have time with her, and do together something she enjoys – a movie, arts and crafts, read books about inspiring women, or browse albums with pictures of you together over the years. Share your love and experiences on social media using #NationalDaughtersDay.
There is also World Daughters Day on September 28 and National Sons and Daughters Day celebrated on August 11.


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