National Nurses Day, May 6th

Nurses are the highest percentage of the healthcare workforce in the US, with more than 3 million registered (according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics). Nurses are on the front lines of public healthcare – from administering shots and mending wounds to emotionally supporting patients in their most vulnerable moments.

National Nurses Day is observed in the US annually on May 6th. It marks the beginning of the National Nurses Week, which ends on May 12th – the date of the International Nurses Day and Florence Nightingale‘s birthday – the founder of modern nursing. This day is about thanking nurses for their work, honoring them, and promoting the nursing profession and its significance in healthcare.

The day was first initiated in 1953 by Dorothy Sutherland – an employee at the United States Department of Health. It was observed locally and unofficially in various institutes until 1974 when President Richard Nixon proclaimed National Nurse Week would be celebrated every year. Afterward, numerous nursing organizations called for a National Recognition Day for Nurses, and in 1982 it was officially proclaimed.

Each year, National Nurses Day focuses on a different theme that highlights nurses’ efforts, struggles, and achievements, such as Nurses Care for America, Ethical Practice, Quality Care, and Nurses: A Voice to Lead. On the day and the following week, local and national organizations hold events to honor nurses and their contributions, banquets, seminars, and proclamations. Being thankful for your nurses should happen one very visit, but on National Nurses Day, the thanks can be accompanied by a symbolic gift. You can also share your experience with your nurses and thank them on social media using #NationalNursesDay.

Nurses’ Landmarks

Florence Nightingale - Famous Nurse | Mini Bio | BIO

Watch a short biography video of Florence Nightingale, the Crimean War nurse and social reformer who earned the nickname "The Lady with the Lamp." #Biography
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Florence Nightingale - Famous Nurse | Mini Bio | BIO

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