A Sculpture for Mary Wollstonecraft



Mary Wollstonecraft on the Green

A new, expensive and totally horrendous statue of our shero Mary Wollstonecraft has been erected on Newington Green. Local feminists gathered to honour our Mary, celebrate her life and genius and explain why That Statue Must Go. Let this be the last EVER shiny, sexualised, youthized and idealized and inappropropriately naked statue of a distinguished woman erected in a public place.
To quote Dr Julia Long 'Mary was the founder of feminism just as Karl Marx was the founder of socialism. And you don't see statues of Karl Marx with his willy out, do you?'

OBJECT is a prize-winning feminist campaigning group chaired by Janice Williams. Prof Sheila Jeffreys and Dr Heather Brunskell-Evans are involved. OBJECT campaigns against the sexual objectification of women and our oppression as a sex class. We take action founded on research and we see the objectification and oppression of women from a radical feminist perspective. We OBJECT to porn, prostitution, sex clubs, surrogacy and transgenderism. Also to sex robots and the myth that men need to be violent during sex.


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