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Paulsdale: Alice Paul's 'Home Farm' and National Historic Landmark

This is the trailer (video 1) for the video tour of Paulsdale, Alice Paul's childhood home.

Alice Paul led the final fight for women to get the right to vote through the 19th Amendment and wrote the Equal Rights Amendment, still never ratified to the constitution. Born at Paulsdale on January 11, 1885, Alice grew at the “home farm” Paulsdale. As a child, she often played on the house’s wrap-around porch and read under the broad canopy of the Copper Beech tree, which still shades the front yard.

With Paulsdale closed due to the pandemic, the staff is releasing a video tour for visitors to enjoy! 2020 marks 100 years since women won the right to vote, and the Alice Paul Institute is committed to sharing Alice Paul's history throughout the year and long into the future.

Social distancing and proper health precautions were taken in the release of this video tour.

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