Anne Frank Monument in Buenos Aires, Argentina



Statue of Anne Frank unveiled as part of International Day of Human Rights

(10 Dec 2014) A statue of Anne Frank holding her symbolic diary was unveiled in Buenos Aires on Wednesday to mark the 66th annual International Human Rights Day.
A large contingent from the local Dutch community turned out in the capital's Puerto Madero neighbourhood to watch the event.
"Anne Frank was a heroine. To honour her is to show to our young people that they too can fight against authoritarianism and injustice," said Hernan Lombardi, Minister for Culture for the city of Buenos Aires, who was at Wednesday's event.
As a 13-year-old, Anne Frank, along with her family, was forced to flee Nazi-occupied Germany.
During her two years in hiding in the Dutch city of Amsterdam she kept a diary.
The published Diary of Anne Frank has gone on to be an historic reference about the horrors of the Holocaust and has sold more than 30 million copies worldwide.
Argentina has the biggest Jewish population of any country in Latin America.
Many travelled here looking for a safe haven during World War II.

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