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Charlotte Small by Laura Vinson 🇨🇦 a country wife love story

The story of Charlotte Small, a country wife love story.
Charlotte Small was David Thompson's wife. Charlotte Small was the daughter of a Scottish father and Cree mother, mixed blood, half-blood. The fur trade was in full swing in 1799 and was dominated by the whites. At the time, half-blood women were encouraged to marry a white husband because half-blood women were not accepted by their own people. The European fur traders married these half bleeds because they could help them find food and cook and know the rough life and the mountains well. #David #Thompson was a 29-year-old fur trader who was employed by the North West Company. Charlotte married him and thus became a country wife when she was only 13 years old.

Over time, it turned out to be real love between Thompson and #Charlotte #Small. Charlotte was a welcome addition to David Thompson's travels, she spoke English, French, and Cree well and was able to decipher dialectics from other tribes. Charlotte Small helped David Thompson open up trade routes through the #Canadian #Rocky #Mountains. They had several children together, of which they unfortunately also lost 4. Although fur traders often returned to Europe, Thompson stayed with Charlotte. Today, Thompson is regarded as the best geographer and revered as the man who explored and mapped Canada. This was only possible through the full dedication of his country wive Charlotte at his side.

#Laura #Vinson is active in the music industry for over 45 years now. She started her career as a country star, had several hits including the hit "Sweet Mountain Music". Laura Vinson and her Band Free Spirit are regular on all the major festivals and venues in North America and is a frequent guest on many national TV shows. In 1996, after her time as a country artist, Vinson created a theater show around her highly successful album "Voices On The Wind", an album for which she has received #several #Aria #Awards.

Her Native roots inspired Vinson to this album to take a large audience to get familiar with its culture and heritage. The show appears to be an international success, both the festival edition and the unique theatrical version. The show traveled around the globe (South Korea, the United States, Australia, Denmark, Lithuania, Belgium, and the Netherlands).

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Artwork design: Eric Vermeulen
Statue David Thompson and Charlotte Small: Harry Palmer Photographer

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