Helen Jane Wiser Stewart Statue



'Helen J. Stewart Day' Declared in Las Vegas & Clark County

Clark County commissioners declared Dec. 3, 2011, Helen J. Stewart Day in honor of the First Lady of Las Vegas. Commissioner Mary Beth Scow sponsored the proclamation. Helen Jane Wiser Stewart moved to Las Vegas in 1882 with her husband Archibald Stewart. Two years later, he was gunned down at the Kiel Ranch, located in what is now North Las Vegas. Helen then took over the operations of the "Las Vegas Ranch." Helen and her father, Hiram Wiser, than began buying up land in the area in response to rumors that the railroad would be running through the Las Vegas Valley. In 1902, Helen Stewart sold more than 1,800 acres to Sen. William Andrews Clark, for whom Clark County is named and who had ties to the railroad. In May 1905, the railroad sold lots on this land in what is now downtown Las Vegas, paving the way for the creation of modern-day Las Vegas.

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