Lucille Ball Statues and Memorial Park



Lucille Ball Memorial Park (CELORON NY!)

In this vlog we went to the Lucille Ball Memorial Park in Celoron, NY! Its a nice village park that's actually located in her hometown. It features a couple of statues made to honor the "First Lady of Comedy." Not only that, it has a public boat launch,docks, playground, picnic area, and more! It's definitely is a great place to honor the well loved Lucy & also to come and spend time outdoors. While we were here we tried to show some of the main features of the park but there's definitely a lot more to see that we didn't film! Make sure to take a visit here if you're ever in the Western, NY region.

If you're wondering where Lucy actually grew up in this neighborhood, its on 59 Lucy Lane. This is public information a simple Google search will take you here in case you didn't know! We heard that they actually have tours that you can take to visit her childhood home and we're hoping to do that one day!

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Credit to the news station WKBW TV from Buffalo, NY for the news clip we used in this video. It was used solely for the purpose of informing people on the incident that happened here. Here's a link to their Channel:

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