Mary Jemison Statue in Pennsylvania



Beyond Gettysburg - Adams County USA- Mary Jemison

Young Mary Jemison and her family came from Ireland to build a new life.
Caught in the midst of the French and Indian War, her family is captured in the South Moutains in 1756. As Mary later recounted, "On our march an Indian went behind us with a whip. He frequently lashed the children to make them keep up. We traveled 'til dark without a mouthful of food or a drop of water. Whenever the little children cried for water, the Indians would make them drink urine or go thirsty." Days later her family was scalped. Mary Jemison would spend the rest of her life with the Seneca people. A film presented by The Adams County Historical Society and Adams Community Television; Produced by Debra Sandoe McCauslin; Produced and Directed by Jake Boritt

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