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N.A.W.A.'s 124th Annual Members' Exhibition

September 19, 2013
Reception & Awards Ceremony
National Association of Women Artists, Inc.

Reception held at The Sylvia Wald & Po Kim Gallery in NYC, featuring interviews with Exhibitions Chair, Marie Hines Cowan, and this year's Medal of Honor winners-- Irene Nedelay, Judith Modrak, Aiko Aoyagi, Esther Berman and Barbara L. Johnson.

124th Annual Exhibition Dates: August 27- September 28, 2013.
This year's Annual exhibition and sale continued N.A.W.A.'s long-standing tradition of supporting dynamic and relevant woman artists working all over the U.S.A. Over 250 members participated in this year's Annual Members' Exhibition, representing a diverse array of artistic backgrounds, mediums and processes. Artists self-selected their best work to be presented salon-style in the spacious Sylvia Wald and Po Kim Gallery.

For more information about N.A.W.A. & its members' exhibitions please visit N.A.W.A.'s website:

Filmed & Edited by AM Lozada

Special thanks to N.A.W.A.'s President, Sonia Stark, and N.A.W.A.'s Executive Director, Susan G. Hammond for making this project possible.

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