Single Working Women’s Day, August 4th

Singlism was always a problem in society, and to this day, there is a perception that being single prevents living fulfilled and happy life. This idea mostly affects women, who are often stereotyped and marginalized for their marital status, and it is even worse for single mothers. There has been some progress throughout the years, and today, accomplished and successful single women are present in all professional fields, contributing to their workplace and thus to society and the economy. Single women are more likely to be part of the labor force than married women. According to the US Bureau of labor statistics, 77.3% of unmarried mothers work and support themselves financially.

Single women not only earn their own money, but they are also responsible for all the necessities in their life – cleaning, maintenance, shopping, and if they have children – taking care of them physically and mentally. Despite this, many single working women facing challenges daily.

Single Working Women’s Day, celebrated on August 4, is a day to honor single working women and recognize their economic and social contributions. The day, founded in 2006 by Barbara Payne, a single working woman herself, is the highlight of Single Working Women’s Week, observed annually from August 2 to August 8. The day aims to acknowledge that singlehood does not contradict happiness, raise awareness of the issues that single working women deal with, and eliminate discrimination and stigmatization of single people.

On this day, you can approach the single working women in your life and show them your respect for their work, contribution, and determination. If you are a single working woman, take the day as an opportunity to recognize your strength and achievements and treat yourself with something that gives you joy – you certainly deserve it!


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