Tips For The Female Traveler in Chicago


The nickname “The Windy City” might mislead the visitors – according to researchers, the origins of this nickname are not so much weather related, as much as being an anecdote, metaphoric of Chicago’s bloviating politicians, who were blamed as being “full of hot air.” Cold breeze does blow off Lake Michigan through the city, but the Chicago winds are statistically milder than Boston, New York or San Francisco.
Chicago weather has hot and humid summers, and cold winters. Autumn is considered the most pleasant season.
Winter officially starts in the third week of December and can last till the end of April. Temperatures vary between 37.0 °F to 18 °F, and a few inches of snow are expected on a regular basis. At least every winter, there’s a massive snowfall that can last few days and snow might accumulate to 10 inches.
Spring is the wettest season in Chicago with unexpected temperatures, which vary between 42 °F to 70 °F. Third week of June is the official beginning of Summer, when temperature varies between 60 °F to 80 °F, and humidity level increases.
Rain and thunderstorm are also common, so be prepared with an umbrella in your bag even on a sunny day.
Towards September it is getting colder as Autumn approaches. Again, the temperatures vary (between 35 °F to 75 °F) and it can still be hot as the summer or get colder.
During your visit you can check the current weather on this website.

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Local Food Scene

The diverse population of Chicago comes across in its food offerings, best experienced in the annual Taste of Chicago outdoor food festival in July and Chicago Gourmet at the end of September.
You also wouldn’t want to miss a visit to French Market in the Loop area. With lots of local food vendors it’s a great place for every “foodie” to get a taste of what the city has to offer.

The unique local food icons are the Deep Dish Pizza and Chicago-style hot dogs (warning: adding ketchup on it is considered almost illegal). In addition, the city has more than 7,300 restaurants, some of them are internationally rated by various stars and awards, like 7 AAA Diamond-rated or 26 Michelin-starred restaurants.

Chicago is the home town of some world wide known chefs, one of the famous female chefs is Stephanie Izard, also known as “the first female chef to win Bravo’s Top Chef”.
Check out this link to discover more.

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Where to Stay in Chicago

In Chicago history there were six locations of the Eleanor Club, women only safe residence, where women found place to stay when arrived to live, work or study at the big city.

This option is not available anymore and female only accommodation can be found in hostels across the city which are offering female dorm rooms:

Chicago Loop:

  • HI Chicago, The J.Ira & Nicki Harris Family Hostel located at Ida B Wells Drive and offers free guided tours to its guests.

River North:


  • Wrigley Hostel hosts event as well as free guided tours in the neighborhood.

Wicker Park:

  • Holiday Jones, located in the heart of Chicago’s coolest neighborhood, Wicker Park. In the area there are unique boutiques, bars, noteworthy restaurants and lively music venues.

West Loop:

  • Chicago Parthenon Hostel located a mile from the loop among the popular dining and entertainment of the West Loop neighborhood.

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Getting around in Chicago

Chicago has the second largest public transportation in the USA.
Managed by the Chicago Transit Authority and offers buses and train services in the city and its suburbs.

Some of the ‘L’ trains are elevated from street level and beside getting to places they also offer a different view of the city. A ride costs few dollars, depending if the payment is by cash (more expensive) or Reloadable Ventra Card (the cheaper option).

The easiest way to get to the city from the airport is by using the blue line which is working 24/7, and costs $5 a ride (without transfer).

For more detailed information check the CTA’s official website.
Taxis, Uber, and Lyft are also common and easy to use.

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Events in Chicago

The city is wildly known for its unique architecture, which is a great reason to visit the city. However, throughout the years, many festivals are happening in Chicago. Culinary, theater, comedy, music, music, and more music.
Summertime brings the people outdoors while many music festivals, a lot of them are free, are happening.
Check out WWP’s annual event list to plan ahead of your visit. Among the female-focused yearly celebrations are the Jane Addams Day, Badass Women in Chicago History annual event, Annual Chicago Women’s Funny Festival, and many more.
Find women-related changing events by browsing through the designated calendar.

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Emergency Numbers

We recommend using Sekura, a free women’s safety app, to feel more secure wherever you are. Download through this link.

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