Tips For The Female Traveler in New York City


New York is an interesting and wonderful place to visit anytime of the year. Every season is different and has unique colors and vibes.

Rainy days are expected almost any time of the year, although more common in spring and fall.
Winter season is cold – an extra warm coat and snow boots are highly recommended when walking outside, and you should expect for temperatures 25-45°F, and when it’s windy it feels even more chilly.
Indoor places are heated and warm (sometimes very warm), so better be prepared for this with light clothes underneath the extra warm coat.

Snowstorms in New York are dangerous so make sure to check the weather and be prepared for icy roads and streets.
It could be challenging, but we must mention how beautiful it is to see the city covered with white and enjoy the outdoor ice skating in Central Park and other places.

In April through May the weather is getting warmer and trees start to grow leaves again as the city’s landscape changes. Expect for 45-70°F temperature.

June is the beginning of the summer and then the temperatures vary from 65°F up to even 80°F, when it is hot and humidity levels increase.

This continues till the beginning of September when temperature decreases again and fall is starting during this month, then expect temperatures of 45-70°F. It’s another beautiful season in New York, as leaves are starting to change colors and the city looks like it was dressed in yellow, orange and red.

During your visit you can check the current weather on this website.

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Local Food Scene

Throughout the years, immigrants arrived to NYC from all over the world and brought along their culture and habits. Therefore, this place became a microcosmos gathering all the international cuisines, and one can find almost every exiting ethnic group flavor, with special traditional dishes of each.

Name any type of kitchen and you could probably find a restaurant in the city serving your culinary desires. At the very least, the chosen dish will be served in one of the thousands of food stands located all over the city.

The local food that can be found in many day-by-day and gourmet restaurants, teaches the history of the city. The soul food in Harlem tells the history of the African Americans, some of them were slaves and came from the south when were freed; The Jewish food in Brooklyn echoes the tales of the immigrants from Europe, many are Holocaust survivors, and the food traditions they brought with them; Same for all of the other cultures that congregate in New York.

In this city, visitors can learn the history by their stomach, and appetizing guided tours are available for that.

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Where to Stay in NYC

As of 2020 there are no women-only hotels in NYC.
Till few years ago the Women’s Hotel was still operated (since 1903), but became the Redbury NYC and it is not just for women anymore.
The Pink Hostels was a female-only hostel but was also closed.

Instead, there are hostels spread all over the city which offer dormitory rooms for women only, called “Female Dorm”.

Here is a list of several reasonable ones:


Hell’s Kitchen:

Upper West Side:

Gramercy Park:

Lower East Side:



There are several women-only options for long-term residence for women who are working, studying or interning in the city. These places offer rooms, sometimes meals and welcoming community.
Here are some options:

  • The Webster Apartments is a women’s co-working and community space operating since 1923 in Hudson Yards, offering temporary residence for females above 18 years old who work or intern in NYC.
  • Jeanne d’Arc Residence is a home away from home in Christian environment open to all women for temporary residence and is operating in Chelsea since 1896.
  • The Markle Evangeline Residence in Greenwich Village houses women studying, interning or working in New York City.
  • St. Agnes Residence is a temporary home for young professional women and students in Upper West Side.
  • The Brandon Residence for women is located on Manhattan’s Upper West Side and offering safe and comfortable community for women.

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Getting around in New York City

New York’s public transportation is connecting the city by a subway system, buses, and rail system. The subway is operated 24/7, and it’s one of the most developed and occupied systems in the world with almost 6 million(!) rides a day.

Buses are very occupied too, with 2 million daily rides. Both are managed by MTA and you can find information and maps in this link.

Subway riders pay with the MetroCard, which is also valid on buses in the city, as well as the Roosevelt Island tramway. As the city is always very crowded it is less recommended to travel by car. Instead you can use the famous yellow cabs, or other services such as Lift, Uber, and SheRides, which is a women only taxi service.

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Events in NYC

With millions of visitors every year arriving to wander the streets, its museums, and other attractions, special events also are happening every day in the five boroughs. Some of these events are so successful that they are repeating every year, making it easier for visitors to plan their arrival.
Seasonal events, art, music, film, comics, sport, and almost every theme has its own festival and sometimes even several festivals a year. From all over the world, people are coming to experience what the city has to offer.
Check out WWP’s annual events calendar to plan your visit accordingly and not to miss any event which celebrates female creation as Women’s Day Art Fair, Women’s Half-Marathon, Women in Theatre Festival, and many more.
Find women-related changing events by browsing through the designated calendar.

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Public Restrooms

Everyone would expect to have accessible restrooms in one of the most visited cities in the world. But this is not the case in New York City and you will need to look for them and sometimes walk for a while till finding one.

Public restrooms can be found in the large parks as Central Park, Bryant Park, Union Square Park, Washington Square Park, etc.

Another option for free restrooms are in public libraries which have branches all over the city.

If you are not near free public restrooms and still have to go, try one of the large department stores, coffee shops or restaurants, which most of the times will not care if you are a customer. Usually these restrooms are cleaned more regularly since are not public…

Emergency Numbers

* In order to view an extended list of shelters and available assistance for women please click here.
We recommend using Sekura, a free women’s safety app, to feel more secure wherever you are. Download through this link.

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Volunteering Options

As one of the centers of the world, New York City is home to many local and global organizations, and there are plenty of opportunities to volunteer, especially to support women.

Here are listed few:

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