Tips For The Female Traveler in San Francisco


It seems that in the San Francisco Bay area there is not a huge difference in the temperatures of the four seasons.
One of the most famous quotes about the city is Mark Twain’s “The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco”.
The city is well known for its cool summers, starting around June and last till August. Fog and festivals are common to this time of the year.
The temperature varies between 52-73 °F. Towards September (the hottest month of the year) the weather is getting warmer when Autumn is approaching, temperatures expected 55 – 75 °F light rain is also expected towards the end of Autumn – October/November.
Winter is the city’s coldest and wettest months, starting around December and ends toward February, and the temperature is expected to be from low 46 °F on a cold day till 60°F on warmer winter days.
Spring officially starts in the third week of March and lasts till May. Temperatures vary from around 50°F to 63°F, and since it is at the end of the rainy season, it is one of the most blossom and beautiful times to visit San Francisco.
During your visit you can check the current weather on this website.

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Local Food Scene

The San Francisco food scene is a carnival for every kind of eater, from Michelin Stars fastidious foodies to more adventurous consumers.
Some consider it to be America’s best food city, and in any case, it often sets the country’s culinary trends.

A celebration of diversity, fresh prepared local colorful ingredients (farmers markets are a daily affair in the city), seafood dishes from oysters, crabs, shrimps, to fish, fresh fruit shakes, and of course the famous sourdough bread.

As it fits for a joyful city, many alcoholic cocktails are easy to find, and the Mexican historical connection is well noticeable in the delicious Mojitos.

With many professional cooking schools and thousands of restaurants around the city, in San Francisco, almost every cuisine can be found.

Among this profusion, there are also quite lots of women that contribute to the success of the city’s food experience.
One of them is Chef Dominique Crenn, and her 3 starts Atelier Crenn restaurant worth a visit.

Another important figure is Nancy Oakes, who is known to be a great food visionary and one of America’s most respected chefs. She is the chef/proprietor of ‘Boulevard’, a place of regional American flavors with French influences.

If you are in the area during January, you should not miss the “Winter Fancy Food Show” at the Moscone Convention Center, one of the biggest food events.

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Where to Stay in San Francisco Bay Area

There are no women-only hotels in San Francisco Bay Area but several hostels offering women only dorm room, free Wi-Fi and usually a free breakfast.
Here are some:

Within a mile from Union Square area:

Little Italy District:

Marina District:

Outside San Francisco:

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Getting around in San Francisco

The easiest way to get around San Francisco is by public transportation.

The Municipal Railway (Muni) covers most of the city – include buses, railway, underground metro system, cable cars, and historic streetcars. The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency manages it, and all the specific information is on their website including trip planner and the official app MuniMobile to pay for tickets.

There are several payment options – MuniMobile app, a Clipper card, or exact cash for the ground level transportation. The fare is a flat per ride, discounts for youth, seniors, people with disabilities and when buying a daily / monthly pass.

Cable cars are running up and down San Francisco’s hills since 1873. They are still one of the city icons and a useful transportation tool. A ride in one of the three lines is a must experience when visiting San Francisco. Check out the details in this link.

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Events in SF

Film, theater, comedy, poetry, music, and wine are several of the festivals hosted annually in the Bay area, celebrating local and national talents.
Check out WWP’s annual event list to plan your trip to San Francisco and the Bay area. Among the festivals celebrating women’s creation are – Bay Area Women in Theatre Festival, New Works Festival by 3GirlsTheatre (3GT), Annual Women Sports Film Festival, Black Laurel Films, and San Francisco Fashion Week.
Find women-related changing events by browsing through the designated calendar.

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Public Restrooms

Clean restrooms sometimes are hard to find when wandering around the city.
The obvious places to find restrooms are in large department stores (free mostly), restaurants, and coffee shops (usually for customers only), large parks, and museums.

In addition to that, San Francisco city placed Pit Stops in 25 sites in 13 neighborhoods, all have running water and cleaning crew that maintain them.

Check the map with their location:

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Emergency Numbers

We recommend using Sekura, a free women’s safety app, to feel more secure wherever you are. Download through this link.

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