Travel Safety Items for Women

You are packed and ready to embark on a new adventure, exploring a new city or revisiting your favorite one. But as a woman, you know that you are not always feeling safe on the road, and your mind and body are on alert in new surroundings, and for a good reason. Unfortunately, women have a higher possibility to experience violence, to be stalked, followed, and starred at, than men. In fact, according to the 2011 Gallup survey, 45% of the participant women said they do not feel safe walking alone at night.

But this should not prevent you from going on the best trip ever and visit all the places on your bucket list. You deserve to have fun and feel safe no matter where you are or who you are with/without. Always trust your instincts, and to feel more protected, use few travels safety items that will protect your gear, body, and mind.

Here is a list of 10 safety products for the woman traveler

1. Keep your essentials safe with a Travel pouch

Your essentials, such as money, credit cards, and IDs, must be kept safe at all times since those are the most difficult things to recover if got lost or stolen. There are different versions of travel pouch, which will keep them protected at any time. Choose from an old-school money belt that you wear under your shirt, an adjustable bra pouch that you attach to your undergarments, or a shirt with a built-in pouch.

2. Anti-Theft Bag

To prevent easy access to your stuff, we recommend wearing an anti-theft bag with hidden pockets and extra safety features. It can be a backpack or a more casual traveling and city strolling option.

3. Portable safe

A portable safe is a perfect solution to carrying your valuables with you and still feel safe. It is made out of lightweight plastic with a 3-digit custom combination code which keeps all your valuables safe and your mind at ease. You can carry it with you, store it in your room or the hotel baggage storage room after checking out.

4. Self-protection items

A self-protection item is something to consider if you travel solo or in destinations that you are not sure will be safe for you. A Pepper Spray Keychain has easy access and is easy to use. You can choose a more advanced product, such as a pepper spray with a stun gun and a flashlight, or a moderate one, such as a personal alarm siren. Just be sure that the item you picked is allowed in your destination country because, in some places, it is prohibited.

5. Personal locator beacon

A personal locator beacon is a GPS-based device with an emergency signal that notifies the local authorities that you are in trouble wherever you are in the world. It is a recommended item for traveling solo or in an unfamiliar environment.

6. Portable charger

The smartphone is an essential safety item because of its different usages. We use it to call 911 to get help, navigate to the hotel, take a photo to document something or someone suspicious, and even just to call a friend for support if we feel unsafe. This is why you should keep the battery full all the time. And for that, portable chargers were invented. They are lightweight, don’t take much space in your bag, and keep your phone ready for action at any moment.

7. Luggage cable lock

A must accessory if you know your travel involves many occasions that you cannot keep your luggage safe. A cable lock is a perfect solution for times you leave your suitcase in your hotel room or when you put it in storage in a locker at the airport, train station, or hostel. You easily attach it to your bag, create your dial-code and go on with your day with no worries.

8. Door Locks

Nighttime is when people feel most vulnerable, even behind closed doors. For extra protection in the hotel room or Airbnb apartment, you should consider using a portable door lock easily attached to any door. If you want to be extra safe, you can use a door stopper that alarms when there is pressure on the handle, so you can always know if anyone tries to enter your private space.

9. First aid kit

A scratch on your knee can happen even in an urban environment. A first aid kit is light, not taking much space, and can come in handy anytime, anywhere. Be sure to stock it with all the essentials in need, from basic bandages and safety pins to alcohol pads and tweezers.

10. Fake ring

Married women are less likely to be harassed, as it implies that they are not interested in potential suitors or that there is a possibility that their partner is nearby. Some women don’t want to travel with their wedding or engagement ring out of fear it will be lost or stolen. Whether you are married or not, a fake engagement/wedding ring indicates that you are in a relationship. You can choose a standard simple wedding ring or treat yourself with the lavish fake diamond engagement ring you always wanted.

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