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“Atlanta represents freedom.”
(Tierra Whack, American rapper)

“Atlanta represents freedom.”
(Tierra Whack, American rapper)

The Pioneering Women of Atlanta

  Visit 5 memorials and statues of real women in the public space of Atlanta

  Explore 2 museums which were founded by or named after women in Atlanta

  Stroll at 19 parks which are named after women

  Get to know the female political leaders: 2 feamle mayors of Atlanta, 2 feamle Georgia governors, 2 US feamle Senators, 7 US female House members from Georgia

  Cheer for 6 Atlanta women's professional sports teams in basketball, roller derby, rugby, and football



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Georgia City Dedicates 'Comfort Women' Memorial

(30 Jun 2017) FOR CLEAN VERSION SEE STORY NUMBER: apus079639

City of Brookhaven,Georgia and human rights representatives held a memorial statue unveiling near Atlanta to recognize the plight of Korean "comfort women" during World War II.
One a rainy day at a new city park, hundreds of people gathered to hear speeches and give pause to the suffering of Korean girls and women forced into sexual slavery for the Japanese military during the war.
Furthermore, the memorial entitled, "Young Girl's Statue for Peace," is to serve as recognition and to raise awareness of continued human and sexual trafficking around the world.
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