Women in Politics in Washington, DC

Relative to the short time DC has representation in Congress (without voting privileges, only shadow), the percentage of women office holders from DC is much higher than other states.

Florence H. Pendleton was the first shadow senator and the first woman serving the District of Columbia, since 1991 till 2007.
The first female elected to be a non-voting Delegate to the US House of Representatives, representing DC is Eleanor Holmes Norton in 1991 and still serving till 2021.

Sharon Pratt was the first female mayor, and the city’s third mayor during 1991-1995.

The eighth mayor is also a woman, Muriel Bowser, serving since 2015.
2/8 mayors were females, 25% is unfortunately a number that does not exist in any other city in the world.


Sharon Pratt

Muriel Bowser

Nevertheless, overall the Gender Pay Ratio is 86%, $10,200 (based on AAUW 2017 data), and same-sex marriage was approved in 2010.
So, although it is advanced in some ways, gender equality is still a dream yet to come true.

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