• Frances Perkins, 1880-1965

    A workers-rights advocate, the 4th US Secretary of Labor, the first woman in this position, the first woman to serve as a cabinet secretary, and the first woman to serve in a Presidential cabinet.
    Category: Politics & Leaders, Activism & Feminism, Academy & Education.

  • Janet Yellen, 1946

    An American economist and the first woman to serve as the Chair of the Federal Reserve from 2014 to 2018.
    Category: Business & Entrepreneurship, Economics & Finance, Academy & Education.

  • Kathleen Cleaver, 1945

    Civil rights activist, a law professor, and an African-American history expert. One of the most significant women in the Black Panther Party.
    Category: Activism & Feminism, Academy & Education, Politics & Leaders.

  • Ruby Bridges, 1954

    A civil rights activist and the first African-American child to integrate into an elementary school in the South.
    Category: Academy & Education, Activism & Feminism.

  • Pauli Murray, 1910-1985

    A lawyer, writer, educator, civil and women’s rights activist, and the first African-American woman to be ordained as an Episcopal priest. Considered as one of the first transgender figures in US history.
    Category: Law, Activism & Feminism, Academy & Education, Religion & Ethnic Culture.

  • Mary Church Terrell, 1863-1954

    Suffragist and civil rights activist, one of the first African-American women to earn a college degree, and the first African-American woman in the US to serve in a school board of a major city.
    Category: Activism & Feminism, Academy & Education.

  • Helen Rodriguez Trías, 1929-2001

    Physician, educator, and advocate for women and children's right to healthcare. The first Latina to be appointed as the chief of the American Public Health Association.
    Category: Health, Academy & Education, Activism & Feminism.

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