Anne Boleyn, c.1501-1507-1536

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Anne Boleyn | Rise and fall of a queen [+brokenCrown] | HBD Morgane!

[Watch in small screen + HD]

Well ! This has been a project I've had in mind for many many months and I finally found the strength to make it happen thanks to my lovely friend Samantha aka brokenCrown who came to me and suggested a collab video about our dearest Anne.

This is thus a collab as you can see, and I'm so thrilled to show it to you all and especially to Morgane (burnwithu), who has been my friend for a while now and it turns out that it's (or was) her birthday.
So Sam and I thought we could offer it to her as a birthday gift, since she is too, a zealous Anne Boleyn lover. Happy birthday my friend !

I'm not the bragger type or anything but I think and I have to say, that this may be the best collab I've done so far; from all the ones I made and all the sweet people I have had the honor to work with.

I am aware that this is far from the format I usually I post on this channel, but I really wanted to try that character study kind of vid and I know it's rather long but I hope you'll like it all the same, or perhaps even love it, as I do.

Go check brokenCrown's amazing work and subscribe to her channel :
Link to Sam's video :
She made part two, four and six and I made part one, three and five.

burnwithu's channel :

Inspiration and music taken from "Bnaz" and her gorgeous video :

Show : The Tudors
Coloring : Sunnyvids
Thumbnail : Sam
Program : Fcpx & Svp 13

#fanvidfeed #anneboleyn #thetudors

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