Isadora Duncan, 1877-1927

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Who was Isadora Duncan? Isadora Duncan Dances and Dance Technique

The first of a series of videos that will educate viewers about who Isadora Duncan was and the dances she choreographed. The series will teach about Isadora Duncan's dance technique and demonstrate the themes about which she danced. Isadora Duncan's choreography as danced by isadoraNOW will be used to demonstrate the technique and the inspiration behind Isadora Duncan's work. As it evolves, the series will elaborate on Isadora Duncan's legacy in the modern dances of today and the work that isadoraNOW does to continue that legacy.

Narrated by isadoraNOW director and fifth generation Isadora Duncan dancer, Elyssa Dru Rosenberg.

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All photographs of Isadora Duncan and music in this video are in the public domain.

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