Joan of Arc, 1412-1431

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Joan's story almost feels like a novel instead of a part of history. She was a shining savior on a warhorse, waving her white banner and calling her soldiers forth to victory; but she was also painfully and intensely human, a young girl who wept and bled just the same as the rest of us. In the same breath, it is as easy to relate to Joan as it is to be awed by her incredible character.

She may have been beatified as a saint, but Joan of Arc was in many ways a very ordinary human being, a person who felt pain and fear, a person who made mistakes and who had moments of weakness. This book follows her through her extraordinary journey. Feel her terror as she first experienced her visions. See her determination as she convinced a cynical captain to grant her passage to the Dauphin. Experience her exhilaration and faith as she led the French army to victory after victory. Weep alongside her as the King of France betrayed her. Suffer with her during her long imprisonment in the hands of her enemies. And cry with the witnesses who saw her burn for a crime she did not commit.

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