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Katherine Dunham Performing Ballet Creole (1952) | British Pathé

Check out the famous American dancer, Katherine Dunham, performing West Indian Creole music in a ballet at the Cambridge Theatre in London.

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(FILM ID:1291.19)

Katherine Dunham and company performs West Indian Creole music in form of ballet, at the Cambridge Theatre, London.

C/U Hammers tapping on drums. M/S Drummer. L/S Conga. C/U Girl dancer wearing striped hat. M/S Girls dancing, drummer in foreground. C/U Drums stopping. C/U Katherine Dunham taking off coat. M/S Katherine Dunham dancing. C/U Drums. (2 shots) C/U Dancer. M/S Drummers (2 shots), C/U Drums. C/U Drummer. C/U Katherine Dunham taking hat off and dancing. C/U Male dancer shaking.

C/U Katherine Dunham dancing into villain's arms. C/U Another dancing. M/S Drums beating. M/S Katherine Dunham in villain's arms another dancer pulls them apart. M/S Pulling dancer apart. C/U Katherine Dunham on floor. M/S Two dancers preparing to fight. C/U Drums beating. M/S Two dancers fighting (2 cut-in shots Katherine Dunham). villain is killed.

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