Laura Bassi, 1711-1778

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Influential life of the 1st Female Professor: Laura Bassi

Laura Bassi became the first female professor of Physics in 1776! I use her own words to tell this amazing story full of influence, love and even a scientific pope! This is her story!

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The music is from the awesome Kim Nalley of course and is her version of "Electricity, Electricity" from the fab people at schoolhouse rocks:

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Ben Franklin:

Galvani's nephew Aldini (Dr. Frankenstein):

The Bill Nye theme is from "Bill Nye the Science Guy"

The gentleman lighting methane on fire is amazing is from:

The video of Bill Nye doing a dance on the runway is from:

Special thanks to Dr. Francois Ferriere at the Universite de Rennes 1 for letting me use the frog videos! I really didn't want to kill a frog. The sequence of the electrified frog was made at the request of Christine Blondel and Bertrand Wolff whose video on Galvani and the frog (in French!) can be found here:

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