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Iconic Author Margaret Atwood on Abortion, Twitter, and Predicting Everything We're Doing Wrong

Margaret Atwood is one of a few writers who defy categorization. Published in over 35 countries, the award-winning Canadian author is as beloved by critics as she is high school students, as prolific with novels as she is her tweets. Her experiments in narrative, form, and genre—as well as her poet's ear for prose—have persisted throughout her decades-long career, and they foreground an explicit yet elegant execution of progressive politics: Atwood is an avowed environmentalist and an advocate of women's rights (though she bristles at being called a "feminist" outright). Alongside all this is a persistent, clear-eyed examination of sex and the relationships between men and women, as well as a playful sense of humor and discovery; although she's well-known for her novels like The Handmaid's Tale and Oryx and Crake, she's also patented "remote writing technology" in the form of the LongPen and written a book to be published in 2114. We recently sat down with Atwood to discuss her long, varied career, the state of women's rights today, and whether she's noticed that speculative fiction books she published in the 80s have started coming true.

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