Margaret Mead, 1901-1978

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Margaret Mead interview on Cultural Anthropology (1959)

Providing an intriguing window into cultural anthropology as it was practiced and conceptualized during the mid-20th century, this 1959 NBC interview features renowned researcher Margaret Mead discussing her work with one of her students, William Mitchell.

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Mead explains her views on what Mitchell describes as the “happy savage” myth, largely dispelling the notion while referencing the idea of cultural ethos—the “emotional tone” of a society—and its variation from group to group. She also deftly articulates (several decades ahead of her time) the manner in which Western development and influences erode the cultural traditions and physical territories of indigenous peoples. Even today, viewers will find Mead’s views on polygamy, morality, women’s roles, and other topics riveting and highly relevant.

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