Nampeyo, 1859-1942

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MNA Curator of Anthropology Dr. Kelley Hays-Gilpin shares fascinating insights into the life and work of the famed Tewa potter, Nampeyo, including an image on one of Nampeyo's pots that inspired MNA's distinctive logo. Referred to as Sikyatki Revival style, Nampeyo's ceramics are not only beautiful, they are technically superlative. Nampeyo was one of a small number of artists that is credited with revitalizing the traditions and quality of Puebloan pottery in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Women in subsequent generations of Nampeyo's family continued to make pottery and receive recognition for the beauty and quality of their ceramic wares.

Pottery in order of appearance:
Sikyatki Revival Style Jar, c.1900 - 1930 [E76]
Sikyatki Revival Style Jar, c.1912 [E156]
Sikyatki Revival Style Bowl, 1920 [E215]

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