Sylvia Rivera, 1951-2002

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Sylvia Rivera founded the transgender movement. She organized the very first demonstration specifically for transgendered rights. She got "T" added to LGBT.
Homeless boy prostitute at twelve, she struggled with drug addiction & alcoholism for much of her life but remained a trailblazer in the fight for social justice, especially transgender & human rights.
Ultimately, she overcame substance abuse, worked as manager of my art deco antique shop in Greenwich Village
After years of volunteer work at the homeless kitchen/pantry of NYC's MCC Church got full time employment there.
She also entered the second long-term relationship during those years & commenced receiving international recognition for her pioneering work before dying suddenly at the age of 52 of liver cancer.
Today, an organization called 'The Sylvia Rivera Law Project" continues the fight she commenced for fair treatment of transgendered people.
The Metropolitan Church runs a shelter for homeless trans people, supplying shelter & counseling for trans people on 36th Street in NYC.
This is a video tribute created by her friends that gives an overview of her life.
Sylvia Rivera & I, over a period of 32 years went from being arch enemies to being the closest & best of friends. I'm so happy to be able to finally share this video with all of you.
I have an hour & a half documentary I filmed in 1992 at a homeless encampment composed only of gay alcoholics on "Gay Pier" on NYC's Hudson River in Greenwich Village. Some clips from that film are used in this documentary.

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