• Phyllis Schlafly, 1924-2016

    A lawyer, writer, conservative political activist, and political analyst. Best known for campaigning against ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment to the US Constitution.
    Category: Politics & Leaders, Law.

  • Eve Ensler, 1953

    Tony Award-winning playwright, performer, and feminist activist. The founder of the V-Day movement, best known as the writer of the play The Vagina Monologues.
    Category: Literature & Poetry, Theater & Cinema, Activism & Feminism.

  • Pauli Murray, 1910-1985

    A lawyer, writer, educator, civil and women’s rights activist, and the first African-American woman to be ordained as an Episcopal priest. Considered as one of the first transgender figures in US history.
    Category: Law, Activism & Feminism, Academy & Education, Religion & Ethnic Culture.

  • Dolly Parton, 1946

    Country music singer-songwriter, producer, actress, businesswoman, philanthropist, and author. The most honored female country performer of all time.
    Category: Music, Theater & Cinema, Media.

  • Belva Lockwood, 1830-1917

    Educator, attorney, politician, author, a champion of women's rights, and peacemaker. One of the first female lawyers in the US and the first woman to officially run for president.
    Category: Politics & Leaders, Law, Activism & Feminism, Academy & Education.

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