Sarah Winnemucca, c. 1844-1891

    A Northern Paiute leader, negotiator, lecturer, activist, social reformer, and writer. The first Native American woman to publish a book.
    Category: Religion & Ethnic Culture, Academy & Education, Literature & Poetry.

  • Pocahontas, c. 1596-1617

    A Native-American woman of the Powhatan tribe who assisted the early European settlers during their first years in Virginia and fostered peace by marrying an English colonist.
    Category: Religion & Ethnic Culture.

  • Pauli Murray, 1910-1985

    A lawyer, writer, educator, civil and women’s rights activist, and the first African-American woman to be ordained as an Episcopal priest. Considered as one of the first transgender figures in US history.
    Category: Law, Activism & Feminism, Academy & Education, Religion & Ethnic Culture.

  • Frances Xavier Cabrini, 1850-1917

    An Italian-American Roman Catholic nun, the founder of the female religious congregation Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and the first US citizen to be canonized by the Roman Catholic Church.
    Category: Religion & Ethnic Culture.

  • Eliza Hart Spalding, 1807-1851

    A missionary and educator, the first white woman to cross the Continental Divide of the Americas, considered as the founding mother of the state of Idaho.
    Category: Religion & Ethnic Culture, Academy & Education.

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