Zipporah Potter Atkins, 1645-1705

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Join Governor Deval Patrick, the Museum of African American History and the Heritage Guild, and the Heritage Guild for a special unveiling ceremony for the Zipporah Potter Atkins historic marker this coming Tuesday, May 20, 2014,1:15pm on the Rose Kennedy Greenway North End Parks.

Learn more about Zipporah Potter Atkins with Dr. Vivian R. Johnson on Thursday, May 22, 2014, 6:00pm at the Museum of African American History on Beacon Hill. Dr. Johnson will present on 'Free, Black and Female: The Zipporah Potter Atkins Story of Homeownership in Colonial Boston

In early Colonial Boston, Zipporah Potter Atkins was free when most Africans were enslaved; propertied when most women were not; and had six surnames when last names were rarely used for people of African descent. Who is this little-known woman whose 17th century house-site recently was designated for an Historic Interpretive Marker on what is now the Rose Kennedy Greenway?

During a five-year period, Dr. Vivian R. Johnson, retired Boston University education professor, engaged in a challenging document search uncovering evidence of Zipporah Potter Atkins' extraordinary life during Boston's first 75 years. Learn about this unusual North End resident in a Lecture at the African Meeting House, the center of Boston's free black community in the 19th century.

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