Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, November 19th

Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, initiated by Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organization (WEDO) and founded by social entrepreneur and humanitarian Wendy Diamond, is a day for celebrating, honoring, and supporting women in business worldwide. On the day observed annually on November 19th, the achievements of women entrepreneurs are recognized and discussed. Female entrepreneurship is celebrated, their struggles and challenges are in the spotlight, and women gather to support and empower their community of businesswomen.

Many reasons to establish and celebrate this day are supported by the data that shows that women still have a way to go in entrepreneurship. According to WEDO, women account for 85% of consumer purchases, controlling $20 trillion in global expends, and although women account for 66% of the world workforce, they earn just 10% of the world’s income. The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) reported that women participate in less paid activities and work in low-pay jobs compared to men worldwide. Based on more statistics by Fundera, 40% of businesses in the US are owned by women, yet they receive only 7% of venture capital funding for founding startups.

The day has been celebrated since 2014. Every year, an inaugural event in NYC presents the Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Pioneer Awards. Simultaneously, Women’s Entrepreneurship Day is observed in 144 nations and 65 high-education institutes worldwide, with various events and activities, such as lecturers, conferences, and discussions. Everyone can celebrate the day by attending one of the WEDO-sponsored events, organizing an event for your community, and spreading the word on social media with #ChooseWOMEN.


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