Germany Girls’ Day, April 28th

For many years, some professions, such as engineering, programming, and science, were male-dominated, while others, like teaching and social work, were considered feminine.

Girls’ Day in Germany, also known as career information day, is a day that encourages girls and young women to explore their occupational orientation and future careers, especially in STEM, business and politics. The day provides an insight into the various professional possibilities and aims to change the common perspective on the prospects of women in those professions.

On the day, various businesses, universities, research organizations, and technological and IT companies open their doors to school girls and present them with all the job opportunities. The participants meet women who work in various management positions, get acquainted with the professional opportunities, and gain knowledge on the path to enter their field of interest.

The first organized Girls’ Day took place in 2001, and since then, it has been the world’s largest career orientation project for girls. Apart from Germany, similar Girls’ Days are happening in more than 20 countries worldwide, including Belgium, Italy, Kyrgyzstan, Japan, Ethiopia, and Egypt.


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